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Blizzard of Ozzy is the world’s biggest tribute to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath. The inventors of metal are honored in grand fashion with an arena style show complete with all the bone shaking explosions, guitar riffs and exact staging you’d expect from the heavy metal masters in their prime. Uniformed crew members prepare the largest over-the-top tribute experience allowed by local law enforcement. This is not your buddy’s local cover band; these are professional musicians with a professional entertainment experience.

Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath have never done things politely or half way and neither does Blizzard of Ozzy. It’s a 2 hour transport back to a time when the monsters of rock ruled the world and decadence was the norm. Accept no substitutes, no cheap knockoffs, and no weak attempts to channel the Prince of Darkness. Blizzard of Ozzy is the standard in live tribute show experiences.

Mack Mullins – Ozzy

Billy McCollough – guitar

Chase Brown – bass

Matt Boos – keys

Joseph Herman- drums

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