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Billy McCullough is one of the most in demand guitarists in Atlanta. He's been a professional musician for over a decade and has shared the stage with many great and legendary musicians. His good attitude and attention to detail in his music is what makes him shine above the rest. 

He started his career teaching guitar with a well know private tutoring company in Atlanta in 2005. He left the company in 2010 to pursue his own private lesson business. 

While starting his lesson business, bands started approaching him about live performances. In 2012, he joined the group Pitboss. Pitboss is based out of Augusta, Ga and has been regionally since the early 2000's. He was then approached by Curtis Clark to join the legendary Metalsome band in 2013. Metalsome has been a staple in the Atlanta music scene since 2003. It's been voted best in Atlanta multiple times. He was then approached to audition for the national act, Blizzard of Ozzy. Blizzard of Ozzy is the largest production Ozzy Osborne tribute band in the United States. He was selected to join them in 2015.

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